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33 Years Later

So today’s (October 5th) my birthday.  33 years in this spinning sphere of the world.

It was actually pretty good!…Tipped back a few glasses of wine, spent some time with the kids watching Iron Monkey and had a personal sin of chocolate lava meltdown with whipped cream and chocolate shavings..(just SAYING that is sweetfully sinful!)

I got a bunch of facebook hits from friends overseas, some across the country, of course my sisters and niece..

it was nice..

The lil man is hoppin up and down in his bouncer..making all these sounds that should be recorded and posted on website so random people can say “awwwwwwwwwwww”   But I’m content in being selfish and keeping him all to myself for the moment.

So I threw myself into the world that I have been familiar with for the past going on 6 years, came across people that were showing me love..cracking jokes..the usual.

I say to myself: “its my day…nothings going to get me down.  Nothings going to piss me off.”

I think in the end, this forum is going to help me “self-medicate”.  So shall it be in the next post…


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