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Cramps.  Sore Legs.  Shitty Headache.


It’s almost comical, I swear.  Lately when I have a day off, I’m either sick, the weather sucks or things just don’t turn out the way I plan.

I did get a few Z’s in though..and slept in till noon.  So it wasn’t all that bad.

Right now things are playing in my head as far as what to do when I get back to work tomorrow.  This weekend was spent at a convention, doing some networking, making business contacts and blah blah blah…

Call me an eager beaver or just someone that is never satisfied with what shes earned, but I’m always looking to move higher up in whatever I’m doing.  In my opinion, that’s not such a terrible thing.  I don’t “settle” for mediocrity.

I will say though, that I’ve been doing less work from home. Either because I’m too goddamn tired or I need to pay attention to the family.

But more-so, its looking at the kids..particularly watching lil J growing up so goddamn fast…seeing Munkeh’s hair grow out again looking like the Beatles…I’m definitely enjoying Motherhood.  Hard as FUCK!  but the fruits of labor are savored.

I think I want to talk about My Father tomorrow…


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