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DeadBeats Anonymous

Hi My name is Mike and I’m a deadbeat.  (HI MIKE!)

I’ve been unemployed for 5 months now and I have a disabled child who I dont really consider a priority.

I’ve just recently gotten married and didn’t invite my only son to my wedding because I thought he would be more of a distraction than a benefit to my special day.

My ex-wife is constantly nagging me about seeking employment to better myself and help out with my newlywed because she believes that my marriage wont last if I keep mooching off of her.  My ex…what a bitch she is..she doesn’t want any child support or anything like that..just wants me to get off my ass and do something with myself being that I’m 37 years old and the highlight of my job history was a stock guy at some chicks retail clothing store.

What she doesnt seem to understand is that I have standards.  I think I’m a SWELL guy and deserve to be paid like 15 bucks an hour with no job experience and no high school education. And I deserve to have weekends off so I can do my whole bowling league thing.  Hey, I’m a SWELL guy!  Shouldn’t personality be enough to be paid that much?   I think so!

I actually think I have it pretty good…my mom makes the payments on my new wife works to support both of us and my ex wife takes care of my kid.  Well not just her…her and her husband..they just had a baby too..I don’t get that..why have a baby when they need to be focusing their money on my kid so I don’t have to contribute anything.

They get on my nerves, lemme tell ya…always asking for Time…Time with the kid.  I have other things to focus on you know?  Like catching up on my sleep, making sure dinner is ready for the Mrs. when she gets home.  Making sure the house is clean for her.  And of course our alone time…we rarely have that anymore since the ex is constantly asking me to take my kid to doctors appointments, or spend a minimum of 8 hours a week with the kid.

I mean seriously.  She has a full time job, has a newborn which from what I hear is a full time job…cant she find it in her schedule to do these things instead of bugging me about it?  I mean ffs…I have a wife..and friends, and a social environment..and sleep!  All these things need my attention..she seriously needs to cut me some slack.

I’ll admit, she’s had it rough from time to time.  The kids grandfather recently passed away and he was a huge influence on the kids life.  And now hes not around so its like she gets on me about being a father figure.  There’s no manual to that you know?  And she seems to be doing pretty well by herself.  The hell she bugging me about it for?

But in my defense, I keep the peace as much as I can.  Even though I’m not working, and I sleep majority of the day till the Mrs gets home, I do JUST ENOUGH to not have her shut me out of the kids life.  I visit twice a week…sometimes.  I take the kid to the doctors..when I can.  I don’t ask too much about the kid so I assume that everything is good.  I mean its not like he NEEDS me or anything..

Well thats all I have to say about that for now…too much talking about this cuts into my time and I have to be home by 5 to make sure dinners on the table..can’t have the Mrs think poorly of me you know…

My names Mike and I’m a deadbeat…



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