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H.R. Inappropriate

..I’m anemic royalty

Yes I’ve been on a Nirvana trip lately..sue me

(no dont sue me…really..i got nothin’)

So what does it mean to be in a position of responsibility?

Some would say that title dictates behavior; titles are part of a right of passage; titles define who you are in your everyday way of life; titles come with the number of zeros on your paycheck…

In the real world, some of these things the REAL WORLD..

Even in the “real world” these statements have an element of half truth.

When you have a title because you’ve worked for it, earned it, whatever you wanna call it…and some one who is below the hiearchy can trump you by pulling one of the cards.

You know which cards I’m talking about.

Someones late for work?  (its cause i have my period and you dont understand)

You get hostile with a customer? (its cause she doesnt understand my hispanic heritage and how I speak)

You don’t get the vacation time during retail blackout period even though you already booked the flight without your supervisors consent? (its cause I’m black)

You have an issue with someone who sexual preference isnt your own? (its cause my religion is against it and youre violating my rights for freedom of expression)

Obviously there’s alot of things that cant be said when youre on the clock for fear of someone listening in on your conversation and making that lovely call to ethics saying their rights have been violated.  So in a nutshell, heres what I have to say being as “HR inappropriate as possible”

Be glad you’re even in a country where you can be such an asshole.

You don’t like the rules?  Go hit the lotto and make your own fuckin policies.

I tolerate excruciating cramps and retarded headaches from whining fuckin babies…is there a medication to get rid of your annoying ass presence?

Just go away already.  Seriously.  I am so fed up with these kids bitching bitching bitching about how unfair the world is.  Like they’re owed something.  You want a medal for coming to work on time?  Well congrats!  You get a reward…its called Keeping your damn job.

It’s amazing how much people take for granted.  They really don’t understand how good they have it.  I know many people that would give up their left nut to even have a paycheck to provide for their families…

and here, you have some ungrateful fuckwads bitching that they’re being reprimanded for being out of dress code.

I know I was going somewhere with this post…but I think I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead..cant have ethics dropping the hammer on me.







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