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Relief or Regret

One of the best scenes from Kill Bill Vol. 2..not just the part where the Black Mamba snipes its fangs into that dudes face and hes writing in pain dying a slow miserable choking death..(yea that was pretty awesome wasnt it)  But rather as hes getting the life ripped from his grimey body, miss one-eye gives her little speech about The Two R’s”

Makes you think.

So lets go through the list of things and put our pros and cons a.k.a “relief or regret”.  And I’m sure I’ll put down the methods behind my madness in another post but for now this is just a brief summary.

~Putting my boss on the chopping block so he could get run over by the bus I threw him under: Relief.

~Not being able to have that one photo taken with my youngest son and my father: Regret.

~15 years later still making excuses for not taking the ex husband to court for full custody: Regret.

~Seeing the difference between fair weather and genuine friends: Relief.

~Not being there for my family when they’ve needed me the most: Regret

~ when i woke up this morning I went into the rec room and saw the little figurine set of some skeletons playing poker…on their little table of cars and chips i noticed the table was empty…and I freaked out.
My father swatch wasn’t there.
No, not a watch swatch..believe me he had plenty of watches you couldn’t miss them.
A small piece of clothing I had taken from his shirt..the shirt that he passed away in.
I pretty much woke up the whole damn house, ready to test the place apart, until the hubby said not to worry..he was cleaning the house and had set it aside.
I gripped that torn cloth tightly. And cried to the point of choking.
I kept apologizing for freaking out..remembering that I
wasn’t the only one thats going through this.
So that’s a big R.
Regret hardcore.
Some things are hard to let go of.


One response to “Relief or Regret

  1. skylah1053 ⋅

    I am positive he has no regrets when he looks down on you. Shine on.

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