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Yep its one of those posts…


So for those that know..”finished” is the term I use in the virtual universe when I pretty much have no snappy comeback, or a turn of events has happened that there’s no real counter action against.

For those that know the hostile minority, well…its self explanatory.

This morning, two days away from Thanksgiving mind you, hubby gets a call from his mom saying that she wont be coming over to have dinner with us.  Reason?:  Cause the current wife of her ex husband is going to be here.

Now once you look at the reason, you say..”ok, that’s understandable..she doesn’t want to be around the “other woman”.

But this is where it gets complicated folks.  Here is where we’re gonna talk about shallow self absorbed bullshit: On ALL levels.

~This is my youngest sons first thanksgiving.

~This is my oldest sons first thanksgiving without his grandfather.

~This is her ONLY grandson.

You would THINK that yet another stupid fucking piece of shit would put their own personal differences aside and look at the bigger picture..that the world doesn’t revolve around them and that children are more important then their issues that they themselves need to figure out.

Yep, you may think that I myself am being selfish..when it comes to my kids?  I am the most SELFISH CUNT this side of the east coast.

Choke on that for a moment while I rant some more.

I don’t get it.  Seriously I don’t.  This is the same person who talks about me behind my back saying I make no effort to bond with that side of the family.  And yet again, I open up my home to those I felt deserve it, and what happens?

Fucked up the ass with no lube.

You know what, honestly I’ve had it with shallow fucking nobodies.  People that say they will be there for you and love you to the very end but there’s always the fine print.

Fuck. Your. Fine Print.

Fuck the people that talk the bullshit and follow the “poor me party” while the in law plays the martyr.

Fuck the family out there that will sing their song and dance when it suits them and shut you out completely when you hold someone accountable for their actions.

Fuck the people that all of a sudden find their voice when they get called out on their bullshit.  While the whole time their mouth was on someones ass.  Its no wonder what you say sounds like shit.

I’d rather keep my kids in this bubble of good life than expose them to the toxic shit I come across every day.  They have plenty of time to learn that in their adolescence .  They don’t need to be exposed to that shit now.

Ok..rant over for now.  Everyone’s entitled to my opinion..Thanks Freddy for that line and have a good “Im gonna diet in January” Day.



One response to “Finished!

  1. freddy ⋅

    You are cool, because after you rant, you have no problem getting over those around with that bs. I dont need to offer stupid suggestion that so called friend offers when the suggestion is needed not requested. 😛
    I learned that same shit myself long time ago. Those who with victim mentality. They always bitch about me not caring them, but then when I invite them or (actually open invitation has been extended for all these decades…) they have some sorry ass excuses.
    So we are going to have happy thanksgiving with my mate and my awesome two boys.

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