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Devils Advocate

Ok so I’m gonna play this role for a second.  And a lot of people aren’t going to like me for it, but hey..My blog, My world, Deal.


So there was this front page article on The New York Daily News today see link here :

So here’s the summary of this tradgedy:

Very pretty 15 year old girl kills herself because she was being bullied.

President Obama addressed bullying back in May 2011.

A new law making bullying a crime was introduced with clauses including electronic devices.

Very pretty 15 year old girl kills herself because she was going out with a 19 year old guy and her rival was the alleged ring leader of the group of kids that were harassing her.

Very angry mother posts comments on her dead daughters facebook quote:  “This is to all you evil son of a b*****s that picked on, talked about and threatened my baby, I HOPE YOU DIE and I HOPE YOU SUFFER,”

Very pretty girl was being bullied and harrassed for months but apparently didnt say anything to her parents out of fear, etc.

Ok so this is the part where I get a lil “satan on my side” and start pointing fingers:

Where. The. Fuck. Were. All. The. Parents. When. This. Was. All. Happening. ?  Huh?  Can someone answer that for me please?

Times change.  Eras change.  But it also seems now its all about a “style of parenting”.  It seems that being directly involved in your childs life in every aspect goes “out of style” like the latest pair of Jordans.  It seems that parents are trying to be their kids best friends and facebook buddies rather than fucking parents.

Did I mention that this 15 year old was dating a 19 year old?  Um..ok..parenting, anyone?

And in her fit of emotion, loss, rage, grief what does mom do: post a vengeful comment on her daughters facebook…because that’s gonna fix the issue.. Facebook makes things all better.. that’s the solution.  Not going to the school and sitting down with the counselor and the other parents of the kids that made this girls life hell.  Not pulling the reigns on a fucking FIFTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL that was doing who knows what with a 19 year old.  Allowing her to have a cell phone and not recognizing ANY signals whatsoever that she was being tormented by these chicks that had nothing better to do but make this young lady’s life difficult.

Lemme tell you something.  Until that wonderful age of 18 years old, when that door opens and I got one hand on the knob and one boot to my kids ass saying  ” YOURE AN ADULT NOW! GO PAY YOUR BILLS AND DO WELL IN YOUR LIFE IN COLLEGE”,  his ass belongs to Me.  In everything He does, in every move He makes.    And dont give me that shit that  “oh its easy for you because you have a son”.  Bullshit.  Google or You Tube all the kids that are being bullied or the reported suicides from kids that couldn’t deal with the bullshit of the society which We, the adults, allowed, created.

Don’t believe me?  Gossip Girl.  Jersey Shore. 90210.  etc…because the image is cool to have catty bitches hating each other because of a hairstyle, race, gender, sexual orientation so on and so forth.

Its sucks that this girl felt she had to take her own life to get away from the torment and not deal with the pain of the mental abuse she faced every day.  It sucks that the parents have to now bury their child.  It sucks that someone posted on their facebook at the moment of impact: “LMFAO, this stupid bitch just threw herself in front of a bus!”  No bullshit.  That was actually said.

Bottom line: the parenting in this situation SUCKED.  On BOTH SIDES.

Neglect.  Non Scholant-ness.  “That’s just the times we live in now”.  

Fuck that ok?.   No one here wants to accept the responsibility on this one.  Instead of fixing the problem, theres finger pointing, shoulda coulda wouldas and a girl six feet under.

Be involved with your children.  Discipline and set your boundaries where you need to.  DONT LET THEM FUCKING DATE SOMEONE THAT WOULD CLASSIFY AS A STATUTORY RAPE CRIMINAL!  Take 20 minutes out of your schedule of trying to fit in with society and BE A PARENT!   If you don’t know what that means..they have support groups; talk to your own parents if you have a good relationship with them and learn what you can from them.  Speak from personal experience.  BOND WITH YOUR FUCKING KIDS!

You only have them for a short while already.  They grow up so fast.  Sadly these parents didnt have their daughter long enough and it sucks and I’m sorry for that.  But ask yourself this:

Did this girl REALLY have to die?

Could everyone involved/not involved in this situation handled it differently?

If you don’t think so, then find a parenting support group.  Or watch the fuckin Cosby Show.  You might learn something.

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One response to “Devils Advocate

  1. skylah1053 ⋅

    I’m sad you had to write this post. I’m grateful you did.

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