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Setting You Straight

Ok so I’m annoyed.

6 Years of being here you would think that people would know me by now.

You would think that they would know not to push the red button, put their hand on the pot, add fuel to the fire so on and so forth.

But big shock, that’s not the case.

We, meaning mature, conscious individuals make choices.  And mindful individuals know that when choices are made, that they know there will be results weather bad or good.  Accepting those results beforehand is the adult way of dealing with those choices that are made.  And You OWN it.

Let me repeat that: YOU own it.  Not the fair-weathered, wishy washy motherfuckers that jump on whatever popularity bandwagon that tips the scale the most.

“oh well I’m all for what you stand for” (suddenly?  Really?!)

“I never liked that person from like 200 years ago because they did this that and the third but I never had the balls to say anything about that back then.” (shallow much?)

You really think I’m going to sit here and allow this to go unnoticed.

You really think just because I don’t acknowledge your stupid comments in world that You haven’t become a blip on my radar.

Blip. Blip. Blip bitches.

Let me be as clear as I can so there’s no misunderstanding between us.

My choices, whatever they were, are or will be, have nothing to do with You.  I’m not fighting for any cause or standing by any beliefs except my own.  There is no bandwagon to jump on because my ride is too fast for you to comprehend.  If I decide to sever ties that’s on Me.  I don’t have time for shallow fly by night people nor do I have time for the leeches that feed off of a situation that is, to be very blunt, none of Your fucking business.

Everyone has a purpose or eventually finds a purpose when they come to The World.  Mine is pretty simple.

I’m in the world for the people that have been there for me since day one.

I’m in the world for the people that chose to keep it neutral and value what individuals bring to them and appreciate.

I’m in the world for the memories of friends on The Other Side, and friends that make new memories with me.

I’m here because I invested six years of my life to people and a belief.

I’m not about to vanish because You’re bored or want the pot to be stirred.  And I sure as hell am not going to entertain your delusional thoughts of grandeur that sides need to be chosen.

For those that already know, I have no problem disconnecting myself from any single individual.  And those that SHOULD know, I have no problem to tell you frankly:

Mind your fuckin business, eat a sack of baby dicks and find someone else to try to drain.  Consider yourself on notice.

Still “all for what I stand for“?  No?

Glad we got that cleared up.





One response to “Setting You Straight

  1. freddy ⋅

    freddy’s got a gun…

    We would think that they know us by now, but they don’t. The matter of fact is that they never will.
    Somehow, they assume that we need their approval in order for us to exists. THAT, bugs the hell out of me, and apparently, you as well.

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