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Time Vampires: H.R. Inappropriate Pt. 2

Ok so being in a position of authority you have to deal with all kinds of scenarios.

As a leader you have to motivate, hold people accountable, train and develop.  It goes with the territory, its why you get paid the big bucks.  And somewhere within those requirements and expectations you have to deal with what I like to call “The Time Vampires”

The name if you think about it is rather fitting.  Not only do they suck the energy out of you where you need five minutes to recuperate, but the term could not be any more literal.

Let me slice this bad boy out for the table:

We have an employee..lets call him Jeff.  Jeff has constantly violated policy and procedures.  Jeff has been coached and counseled in every possible format known to H.R. guidelines.  But it seems Jeff has it on his radar when he’s going to get busted, because now all of a sudden Jeff knocks on the office door and asks “you got a minute?”

And this is where the fangs come out, because a minute turns into 15, and then 15 turns into 45 and before you know it, 3 people have missed their lunch breaks because Jeff is exercising his rights to “be heard”.

Now of course, I’m all for employee rights.  That’s why we have laws put in place to protect their positions and so on and so forth.

But at what point do these decrees apply to ALL employees?  Because they way I see it, this fucking Time Vampire has now taken away those other employees rights.

The right to be given the same attention that Jeff is taking with no regard for anyone else.

The right to be trained and developed so that not just one, but all employees are successful.

Now before anyone says “well you’re not being very cool about this”  look at what I have to entertain for these lovely hours:

Browsing the internet on company time.

Eavesdropping on Manager conversations while the office door is closed.

Being directed to complete a task that is on the company checklist and refusing to do so because he feels its asking too much of him (we’re talking about putting up balloons in the store btw…)

Not being on the company phone with a client in front of you on a personal phone call.

You see where I’m going with this?

At what point do you say enough is enough?  Where is the limit of saying “ok i really cant entertain these conversations anymore because there’s no resolution to them.”

The punchline: There is no limit.  There is no breaking point.  Because Jeff knows how to play the game.  If he didn’t he would have met a quick and painful termination months ago.

Back to the drawing board to sharpen my stake.



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