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It is what it is.

Severing ties that you never really had in the first place:

It is what it is.

Seeing someone get that “familiar exit” as they pack up their things and walk out the door:

It is what it is.

Having to pick up the slack and do damage control from other peoples fuck ups:

It is what it is.

“Well the perception is that he’s gone now and You’re walking around like You’re mentally celebrating:

It is what it is.


Ok, the end..What is It?

For some reason I’m hearing that Faith No More song in my head now.  (“faith no more”…it is what it is.)

The truth is, I tried.  I seriously tried to reach this person.  Countless conversations, to the point of near begging: Get Your Shit Together.  Being in the industry, this isn’t my first run around the rodeo.  I’ve been doing this long enough to know the difference between right and wrong.  Ethical and Unethical.  Leader and follower.  blah blah blah yackety schmackety.

It goes to show wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age.

Call it mental celebrating.  Call it not giving a shit.  Call it “the show must go on”.  In a nutshell, this tired, running on fumes-red bull drinking minority misses coming home to her kids when they’re actually awake.  She misses not seeing that exhausted look on her husbands face from running around keeping up with a baby and a fifteen year old special needs child.  She misses actually coming home with the sun at her back.  While a failed, defeated man is collecting unemployment, a hard working mother is doing everything she can not to fail, not to set her employees up for failure, and look forward to the day when she can actually see her children again in the sunlight.

It is what it is.



One response to “It is what it is.

  1. It’s true…the show must go on…

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