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For Dad.

So today was that emotional roller coaster of WTFness…in a good way.


All aboard.

So I interviewed for this corporate position two weeks ago.  I honestly didn’t think I was going to get it because I just moved up in the ranks a few weeks ago.  But then my higher ups called me and were like “you should apply”.

Weird much?  Just getting promoted to jump into another promotion?..Pretty fuckin awkward.

So ok…I apply.  I interview.  I give my ideas and my “vision” of what direction I want to see the company head…funny thing is, someone was actually listening.

I head into work today trying to think of ways to improve the team, build up the morale and basically deal with customers that ask the SAME QUESTION 7 TIMES (many puppies died every time this questions was asked by the way…).

So I get the call from the VPGM’s secratary and shes like “can you call him at 130?:

Sure no problem.  I’m not gonna get it anyway but what the hell, maybe he sees things I can improve on.

So I call in at 130..”I’m sorry he’s in a conference with the RPGM (Regional President General Manager aka The Big Boss of the NYC market) “call back at 230”

Sure no’s when the nails start getting bitten off my finger.

I’m smoking like a chimney, chugging red bull, trying to find ways to get 2:30 to get here sooner.  Then I sit in my office, and I look at the picture of My Father.

I’m thinking of the couple of weeks before he went to the other side and looked at my work and he looked at me dead in the eye and said “I’m so proud of You bebe..You were meant to do this”

I was sitting there in my office looking at this man..who raised me and believed in me till the very end, and I just kept talking to him..I wanted to make him proud.  I still do.

So 2:30 comes along and I call in..the VPGM asks me how the interview went with his boss..hes glad I applied, loved my energy..and congratulated me for the new position I am to hold a month from now.

I screamed.  I screamed to the point that everyone on the sales floor heard me.  And after we hung up..I cried.  I wept holding My Fathers picture to my chest and rocked back and forth sharing that moment with The Man who never gave up on me.

My job is not done.  In fact its just starting with the hit of the reset button.  There’s no peaking.  No plateau.  I have more to prove now than ever.

I want to continue to prove Him right.  To know that everyday He inspires me to have excellence.  Not just at work, but as a Mother, a Sister and a Wife.

This one’s for You Dad.


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