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The Greatest Joke Of All

She was a fuckin dope fiend ok?

Lets just get this out of the way right now:

Kurt Cobain was a manic depressive herion addict..

Michael Jackson was a Pedophile who O.D’ed on his own pharmacy.

Amy Winehouse was a lush.

Bradley Nowell was a dopehead.

Don Cornelius was a woman beating shithead who should have off’ed himself sooner..

And Whitney Houston was  a hot mess of piled shit mixed with prescription drugs.

No Sympathy. None.  Zero.

When everyone was blasting the late Ms Houston’s music on the radios, I tuned it out.

When they closed down 125th street to have a party “in her honor” and people were dancing in the streets and doing the souuuulll train: I tuned it out.

When I look at the news and want to see whats happening in the real world, and I see this woman’s face plastered everywhere “click here to get her greatest hits” :

I tuned it out.

But then something got my attention which brought me here to My verbal punching bag:

The Govenor of New Jersey is ready to Veto a bill which was passed by the NJ assembly allowing gay marriage:  but then he will hang flags at half staff to “honor a daughter of Newark, New Jersey”


This is what our priorities have summed up to people…when the rights of people are still being discriminated against; when the same town that spawned a shit like Ms Houston is the same town that just layed off a shitload of cops and which happens to be one of the top most dangerous cities of the country; when an 11 year old girls tragic death from a school bus crash is overshadowed by a woman who CHOSE…let me repeat that…WHO CHOSE to go down the path that led her to a watery, soggy grave…

This is the world we have molded ourselves into.

So with that being said, before I go into every other word being “fuck”,  I’m gonna wait for the new south park..cause you know they’re not gonna pass up on this one…



4 responses to “The Greatest Joke Of All

  1. Witcher

    Fucking awesome! There is really nothing more that needs to be said.

  2. I agree with everything you just said. She basically killed herself, after screwing up her own career and life. The beginning of your post reminded me of this song:

  3. Noir

    You’re absolutely right! I argued this with a friend when she kept saying how sudden and shocking it was… I mean, really? Was it so shocking… I think it was rather predictable in my eyes.

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