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Fair Weathered Family

Yep I’m going there.

So I sat here over the weekend with a little lion on my mind.  My lil “mail-wailing” nephew who was having some yucky times in the hospital and it was definitely a nail biting 24 hours to say the least.  The most important thing is that hes okay and back to his hyper huggable self.  I definitely miss him.

So relief set in.  Which was unfortunately replaced by incredible bitter resentment.  There’s the part of me that always wants to do more.  Its those times when I do wish the teleport button was available in real life and I could swoop in and make things better (or worse) for the people that have made a scratch on the Bentley that is My Life.

So someone who is starting to become less and less of an importance in my life made it thier business not to show a genuine concern for their blood.  In a nutshell it was a write off of “dont call us, we’ll call you” type of thing where a  dick in the pants held a priority over just a few minutes of putting their needs aside for the concern of a young boy.

This is how I took it people.  

You would THINK, that this person who now has the privilege of being involved in this child’s life, that they would do everything they can to make the most of the opportunity.  Instead its brushed off, secondary, with a signature of “oh well, I’ll get back to you when I can.”

I’ve been on a roll lately of writing people off and I’m seriously that close to doing it again without a second thought.

What gets me even more tight is that this fool goes ahead and posts on FB about “how concerned they are and how they’re sending a prayer to their “poor little nephew”.

Fuck your prayers ok?

Fuck that phony bullshit because if you really cared, your man wouldn’t be a priority.  FB wouldn’t be your way of fishing for your friends to give you bullshit sympathy because you’re starved for attention.  If you were any kind of person, you would tell your man to hold the fuck up for 10 minutes, step away from the computer, pick up the phone and talk to your family who is in need of that support.

Zero tolerance.  

I’ve written off people with huge eye openers as the aftermath:  Family who don’t have a mind of their own and still think that they’re living in their high school eras where the world is a popularity contest.  Yea, you keep doing that while I’m enjoying the fruits of my labors and laughing at you in the same breath.  Pieces of shit who didn’t wait for My Fathers body to be cold because they wanted his big screen tv and that was the only way they would come over and offer condolences.  Ghetto ass welfare hustlers who can only make their living on their fucking back between their cellulite packed thighs.

I’d rather have an honest enemy than a fake friend.  I’d rather show love to the innocent than waste it on the tainted.

I’d rather people keep it real than pretend to care.

 I’d rather have a handful of family to say I love you than a group of broken people looking for a handout.

My Bentley is accessible to a selected few.  The rest get run over.  

And I dont give a fuck.


That being said,  Let it out, then let it go.




One response to “Fair Weathered Family

  1. Ned-Mel ⋅

    I’m sad to say that I think we all know some people like that in our lives, both friends and family. These are the same people who then turn to you/us later on down the road when they need support, and expect to receive it.

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