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Sabrina Says:

Sitting in my drafts for a hot minute..but yet again, Fuck it:

The life of Mrs. Leyla Christensen-Hannibal has been dormant for quite some time.  And honestly, I figured I was done talking about past transgressions, insignificant people, fabricated falsehoods.  in a nutshell, wastes of my goddamn time.

The timing could not be more ironic, considering this is the time when the sim that celebrates its 8th anniversary is this weekend.

But I digress.

And now we’re gonna get into business mode.

I was approached with a “concern”.  Are you ready for this?

Seems like there are concerns from “a few people” that I was taking money from one sim to pay for my own when my name was on both.

Laymans terms?

Embezzlement.  Stealing.  Whatever politically correct or incorrect word you want to use.

There are a lot of ironies in this particular situation.

First One?  Isn’t it interesting how this becomes a topic of conversation not the first year my name was on this sim, not year two, but literally 7 months AFTER I turned it back over?

Second One?  Yours truly, SABRINA has been absent from the pixel universe, enjoying my children, my marriage and the benefits of my career, so it looks like being absent is grounds for validity of theft.

Third One?  My choices, let me repeat that: MY choices, have resulted in a domino effect of events where even when I’m not in this place that I willingly gave my time to for nearly 6 years have resulted in: “well she hasn’t left on her own yet so another way needs to be found to get rid of her.”

There were many,many choices over the years in my time of service for this place:

~I made the choice to step up and take the sim over when no one else would because no one wanted it.

~I made the choice to come up with a business plan that has to date, evolved and is run damn near perfect thanks to the efforts now of other people.

~I made the choice to take financial responsibility and seek out help when it was needed with the assistance of  my former colleagues.

~ I made the choice to separate my personal sim from the other because I would not allow anyone to dictate who I would allow in my domain that I pay for.

~And I made the choice to stay silent about these things, with the exception of here because I was saving face and figured hey, the truth always comes out in the end, and these people are adults and will act as such.

Now of course rumors happen.  Speculation. Here-say.   Which honestly, I figured wouldn’t happen because we’re dealing with people in their 30’s-late 40s and up:

You would think right?

And for the most part, I let them all go.  Didn’t even bother to mute anyone because that would be giving too much credit.  They don’t matter to me so they don’t exist to me, its that simple.

But now, whats being said, is pretty much that Ms. Sabrina Santiago, was a thief.

In a nutshell, they’re saying I stole from every single person that donated a single dollar to that place.

They’re saying that the hours accumulating to years of time to that place while working 50 hour work weeks and raising a disabled child are null and void.

Fuck. That.

You would think that people would know me by now.  Business wise at least.  They would know that if you accuse, you’d better have something concrete to back it up.  You better have numbers, dates, a whole goddamn ledger.  Because you had best believe that I do.  And you would think that they would know that if you’re going to accuse, I have every right to know whose accusing me and what grounds they have to bring this up all of a sudden.  Have I done things that question the lines of morals? in the life of Leyla Christensen; Absofuckinlutely.

But the minute you have the balls, the nerve, the outright audacity to say Sabrina is questionable regarding her financial integrity?  Get ready to be put on blast.  Period.

The thing is as I was engaging in this conversation I was actually laughing.  Like “come on…really?..people are seriously reaching right now.  Two years ago I would have been almost amused that my little pixel barbie is still on peoples agenda.

But I will be frank in saying, its actually kinda sad.

When my Dad died, that was in itself a life changing curve.  Am I going to sit here, 33 years old, with an ass dent in my chair, stressing out over completely stupid fucking things that have nothing to do with my own family?  What am I gonna do?  Talk about disobedient kids, failed marriages while drinking myself into a stupor?

Ah, No.

And through all of this, after dissecting whats relevant to the current situation and what isn’t  this is what it boils down to in a nutshell:

Dealing with people having assumptions about matters they didn’t have full knowledge of:  Irrelevant.

People saying that my fathers passing was “besides the point”:  Irrelevant.

Similar methods used to oust other people based on insecurities: Irrelevant.

My Father, one of the most frustrating, strenuous, yet overall, one of the most important people in my life, died sitting in his chair, watching tv.  Even though he was listening to Slayer (most hardcore, by the way)  he still embedded in me that is not the way I’m going to go out.

This life is Mine.  And with unity of family..REAL family and a select handful of friends, I’m living it.  I accepted the fact that my time of service was done to that place when he left me.  It was a smack upside the head to say  “Wake up babe.  there is too much out there to set aside for people that will turn their face from you the minute you call people out on their bullshit.”

And in his way, he was right.  James Raven.  Christopher Daniel.   Those are who I need to be giving my service to.  The ones who deserve it.

People are going to make choices.  Some good, some bad.  But if you can walk away and say “You don’t need approval, acceptance, or fair weathered behaviors, You make the choice walking away with the truth”:  Then you’re always going to be one step ahead of anything anyone throws at you.

And if you choose not to take my word for it

The numbers don’t lie, bitches.  Bottom line.



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