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Back with a big Middle Finger

Ok so heres the response so far regarding the NYC Marathon being cancelled…

6:45 PM Lauren Johnston

I just spoke to some runners about the marathon. I was supposed to run it too and had very mixed feelings about it. Here are some comments from others who were signed up to run, including a quote from one runner who was inside the Jacob Javits Center waiting to pick up his marathon number when the announcement was made that the race was called off:

Dr. Orlando Gonzalez, 39, a sports medicine doctor at Gotham Orthopedics in Jersey City was inside the Javits Center on line to get his marathon bib when the announcement was made:

“People in front of me are crying. This group of German guys in line with me who flew in yesterday, they said if this would have been decided a week ago the wouldn’t have come. People are yelling. People are p-ssed off.”

“I’m personally very upset about this. I took the last ferry in from New Jersey to get here. I don’t even know how I’m getting back. I understand the call, it’s the right call, it’s not the right timing. The call should have been made a week ago. The call cannot be made 48 hours before hundreds of thousands of people are being mobilized and shifted.”

SO HERE’S My little piece of wisdom:
I’m personally upset about the blatant ignorance of people that are “woe is me, I can’t walk” A week ago, the city was preparing for this storm and no one except the alleged almighty Himself, could have predicted this hurricane would result in complete devastation, death, poverty, violence and unspeakable loss. Flew all the way from germany and you get to go back there huh? Try walking across the brooklyn bridge or better yet walk even farther from that and cross the Goethals Bridge or the Verrazano and try to make it past the flooded areas, destroyed homes or better yet LOOK A FAMILY IN THE EYE THAT HAS LOST EVERYTHING AND SAY “Hey, I’m walkin over here!”
“People are p-ssed off”: You haven’t seen p-oed until you see a .25 caliber pistol in your face over A TANK OF GAS! You haven’t seen p-oed until you look at a mother who is devastated that she couldn’t hold onto her children as the water literally pulled them from her arms.

“The call cannot be made 48 hours before hundreds of thousands of people are being mobilized and shifted.”
Hundreds of thousands of people being mobilized and shifted…ok..does that include the same if not more of hundreds of thousands that had their homes obliterated and they have NOWHERE to mobilize to?! Im just sayin…

So sorry to burst bubbles, offend and dissapoint..but reality check: walking isnt going to do a damn thing for the people surrounding you that are literally suffering and trying to figure out how they’re going to make it..not two weeks from now, not two months from now..but literally the next hour, in the next 30 minutes.
You think about that. And while you do that..take a long, long walk off towards staten island, or the jersey shore, or better yet Coney Island..actually it may be a short walk..cause when you get there you’ll realize there’s nothing left.

My thoughts are with those that are suffering..i have my bags of donations ready and im going out there tomorrow to help those who need it..what are YOU doin?


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